An Individual's development follows a trajectory of age-related changes from birth till death. These changes occur across different dimensions, namely:  physical, social, emotional, moral, cognitive and personality. It would be holistic to follow an individual's development across the ages, along all the dimensions, but that would be repetitive. For example, if we approached the subject matter from subject-based dimension,say cognitive, we would have to go through all stages from infancy till old age, before considering another dimension, again, through all the states. Therefore, although we acknowledge age/stage related changes in infancy, early childhood, middle and late-childhood, early, middle and late adolescence; early, middle and late adulthood to be the framework to understand the changes, in this course, we will use the dimension, rather than age-related approach to assess changes across the age differences. 

These changes are not only intra-individually, but are also inter-individually dynamic. The reasons behind these changes have been a subject of science for a very long time, occasionally leading to controversial scientific findings.  Therefore, this course helps students to conceptualize and interrogate the changes across the developmental dimensions mentioned above. It helps practicing teacher to locate stages of development, inter-individual and intra-individual differences,  and to design learning experiences and learning environments for optimal student development. 

Welcome to the course and enjoy the learning experience.