Introduction to Human Resource Management in the Travel Industry

·    Definition and Functions of human resource management

·    Objectives of human resource management

·    The past, Present and future human resource management in the travel industry

·    Approaches to Human Resource Management

·    Human resource policies in organizations

·    The Department of human resource management

·    Challenges for human resource managers

·    Equal opportunities and managing diversity in tourism workforce

·    Regulatory changes and structural change

·    Equal employment and local application


Job Analysis and Job Design

·        Meaning of Job analysis

·        Products of Job Analysis  and Methods

·        Meaning of Job design

·        Approaches to job design



Human resource planning, recruitment and selection

·        Human resource planning

·        Objectives of human resource planning

·        Importance of  manpower planning and forecasting

·        Recruitment

·        Recruitment methods and their effectiveness

·        Employee selection and selection process

·        Global human resources management

·        Overseas assignment




Employee Orientation, Training And Performance

·  The meaning of employee orientation

·  The   goals of orientation programs

·  Employee training and training methods

·  Training needs assessment

·  Collective Bargaining and employee relations

·  Performance management

·  Performance appraisal

·  Compensation system

·  Objectives of compensation

·  Employee benefits and services

·  Employee Welfare, health and safety