This is a Nine Units Course being done in 6 weeks due to logistical Reasons. The clinical rotation (NSC 413) runs for Six weeks which corresponds with the Course NSC 412: Psychiatric Nursing Theory. The student is expected to apply the theoretical knowledge from NSC 412 to provide professional care to patients with various mental and behavioral disorders under supervision and apprenticeship.

There shall be A LOGBOOK, in which all the students will be expected to keep a record of there participation in the provision of care to all patients within the Mental health Unit of Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital. The LOGGED in experiences/procedures will form part of the CAT for this rotation. All the student's experiences, procedures participated in must be signed by the clinical nurse supervisor on the day the activity occurred. this will then be counter signed by the Course coordinator (Lecturer concerned).

Log book must be submitted to the Course Coordinator not later than 5 working days after completion of the Rotation. There will be as assessment (written and clinical examination at the end of rotation for Each group of students as part of evaluation of this course. to complete the course the students will do an End of Year UNIVERSITY examination.